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Questions for a travel agent - Cruise Ship Balconies

I thought I would spend time on my next several blogs answering questions I get asked frequently as a travel agent.

The first question that comes to mind is...should I get a balcony cabin on a cruise?

Let me throw two facts out there
1.Out of all the cruises I have been on or booked or anyone I have ever talked to who cruises, less than 1% would ever go back to an inside or oceanview after having a balcony cabin.
2.The number one reason I get from people who always book an inside cabin is: "We don't spend any time in the cabin so it isn't worth the additional investment."

Why are there two such contradictory statements on getting a balcony? Well, there will always be the group that money is the most important aspect and they will always book the least inexpensive options. That is their preference. But, for anyone who is looking for value as well as a good investment should consider booking a balcony cabin.

Here is a list of valued reasons for a balcony:
•You can order free room service and have a meal on your balcony watching the sunset or sunrise. (or anytime inbetween)
•The balcony can expand your space by about 100 square feet or more in most cabins.
•You can watch the morning arrival to your newest port destination in your pajamas, on deck.
•Enjoy a private area in the sun or enjoy a quiet reading area.
•Look over the side of the ship and see or listen to the ocean waves lapping, watch fish swimming or dolphins diving - very relaxing balcony nap ensues.
•Great place to wave at all the poor dudes that aren't cruising with you.
•You don't have to turn on any lights, just open the curtains and brighten your day - and open the doors for fresh ocean air.
•As long as the ship isn't in motion, it makes a nice place to dry your bathing suits. (Don't do it while the ship is moving as they will blow away!)
•If you are a smoker or like cigars, you don't have to find a designated smoking area on the cruise ship. (which can be very limited sometimes). You can smoke right on your balcony on most cruise lines.
•Wonderful place to have private celebrations with treats and champagne.

I'm sure there are other 'creative' ideas and uses for the balcony. Anyone who has an idea, email me. (Unless it's about serious romance on the balcony - I left that one out on purpose :)


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