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Questions about Humanity and Thrilling Space Adventures in Veii's Latest Novel

“I, Human” is a thought-provoking and engaging science-fiction series written by Vito Veii. Those who appreciate his work and who have enjoyed previous installments in the series will be thrilled to know that the fourth one, “The Invisible Spectrum of Light,” is now available. By now, readers surely are familiar with V. Veii’s main themes – artificial life and technological progress –, and with the rather philosophical questions about life, conscience, and what it means to be a human-being.

Regarding the title of this fourth installment, “The Invisible Spectrum of Light,” Asleth – one of the characters – explains how electromagnetic energies are essential to the existence of various life forms, and how each and every individual has a different perception of the world around him, a hologram which represents a personal reality. Asleth’s words are also a lesson about acceptance, life, and the limited perception of human-beings. Quoting Asleth from the novel: “‘We use electromagnetic waves to travel from one end of the galaxy to the other. The universe is full of beings that exist within the different wavelengths of the light spectrum. […] The planets and moons that you say are empty of life, because you cannot see any with your naked eyes and primitive telescopes, are full of life. The beings that exist on these planets and moons live in their own electromagnetic worlds of light where what they see, hear and touch in their worlds is just as real as you touching matter in your material plane. Your universe is invisible to them as their universe is invisible to yours, yet both are real.’”

“I, Human: Part Four – The Invisible Spectrum of Light” picks up where the third book ended and, this time, it ends with a cliffhanger. Captain Marcus Magnusson, the android Vlen, and their fleet continue their adventure through the universe, trying to reach the most distant planets in the galaxy. Their journey is risky and sometimes downright dangerous. While Marcus and his crew keep discovering new planets, the darkness at the edge of the galaxy continues to grow in both strength and size. Moreover, those who study the respective darkness through a telescope are deeply affected by its invisible forces.

In writing “I, Human: Part Four – The Invisible Spectrum of Life,” Vito Veii proved once more that he is a skilled and ingenious author. Just like the previous three books in the series, “I, Human: Part Four” mainly focuses on the theme of humanity and what means to be human.

You may find “I, Human: Part Four – The Invisible Spectrum of Life” on Amazon.

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