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Questioning your belief in God

I had a conversation the other day with someone who happily told me they did not believe in God.

The skies are seared with light
The skies are seared with light
Burning skies 1
Worlds without end

"Do you believe in cause and effect?" I asked.

"What do you mean by cause and effect?" They told me not wanting to say yes so close to saying no about denying God.

"Let's start with driving. When you push the pedal the car moves right?" I answered.

"Okay," This non believer said.

"How about when you get up in the morning and decide to do something and then at the end of the day you realize you have accomplished all you set out to do? Or perhaps you've wanted something and work very hard to get it and one day it appears. Did that ever happen to you?" I asked.

"No," They answered still stubborn not giving an inch.

"Think about it. I know you play piano. Was it something that you immediately picked or did it grow over time?" I asked persisting in making my point.

"It was very hard at first but i loved playing music so I kept at it and now I am a pretty good player," They answered.

"So if you were to tell yourself way back when that you would arrive at this day what do you think you would say?" I asked again.

"I wasn't sure I could do it but it was something that I really wanted like anything else if you work at it you get it," They said determinedly. "Say, what has any of this to do with God?"

"Everything," I answered and saw an involuntary smile come over their face.

The lesson here is that we don't have to be concerned with understanding God or even believing in God in other to witness the way God works in our lives. Forget about the definitions and understandings and get to the practical reality of 'the way things work.' God is not a team that you join or a cause to promote or even a way to worship. Watch the way lives work. Pay attention to the details of what you are thinking about and what you are experiencing. When you put these two, the cause and effect together and make them one, that is your own definition of God.

Now even with recognizing the unity that is God you will never be able to stand still. You will always be experiencing the results of intention and that is as it should be. Creation then is continuously evolving out of the conceptions that are becoming even in this moment of higher awareness.

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