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Questioning the credibility of Kerry's Middle East peace plans

Diplomatic gibberish: Secretary of State John Kerry has been working diligently to broker peace between Israel and the Palestinians. Now, there is speculation in a story today by Anne Gearan and William Booth in the Washington Post that success may be slipping away.

Palestinians expect statehood

To this analyst, success was never truly at hand. It wasn’t a glimmer because the fundamentals have never been honestly addressed for the world to consider and understand.

The problem is that there are people who are labeled Palestinians or who otherwise identify with that class, who don’t feel represented by a nation state. They have political representation through the “National Political Authority.”

Like in many Middle East nations where there are too many political parties representing divers and polarized groups, here is a list of political parties under the NPA:

"The following political parties, listed in alphabetic order, have taken part in recent elections for the Palestinian National Authority in the Palestinian territories:

  • Al-Mustaqbal or The Future
  • Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (al-jabhah al-dīmūqrātiyyah li-tahrīr filastīn) (socialist)
  • Fatah or Palestinian Liberation Movement (harakat al-tahrīr al-filastīnī) (centre-left)
  • Hamas or Islamic Resistance Movement (harakat al-muqāwamah al-islāmiyyah) (Islamist)
  • National Coalition for Justice and Democracy (Wa'ad)
  • Palestine Democratic Union (al-ittihād al-dīmūqrātī al-filastīnī, FiDA) (centre-left)
  • Palestine Forum launched 16 November 2007 by businessman Munib al-Masri,[1]
  • Palestine Liberation Front
  • Palestinian Arab Front
  • Palestinian Justice
  • Palestinian National Initiative (al-mubādara al-wataniya al-filastīniyya) (left-wing)
  • Palestinian People's Party (hizb al-sha`b al-filastīnī) (left-wing)
  • Palestinian Popular Struggle Front (left-wing)
  • Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (al-jabhah al-sha`biyyah li-tahrīr filastīn) (communist)
  • Third Way (centrist)”

We rarely hear about them and how they weigh in on the negotiations.

Fundamentally, establishing a nation state for the two separated populations of Palestinian people is below critical mass. That is, the population ratio to resources is unsustainable. It is impossible for a nation state to exist without huge and continuous investment from outside (Arab) nations.

The economic equation for Palestinian sustainability is foremost, followed by a viable political system.

Kerry says the path is clear. It isn’t apparent that there is any viable path at all. There is a huge contradiction between obvious conditions and diplomatic gibberish.

“Kerry urges hard compromises in Mideast

By Anne Gearan and William Booth, Updated: Sunday, January 5, 7:27 AM E-mail the writers

JERUSALEM – Secretary of State John Kerry said Sunday that five months of intensive U.S.-brokered peace talks have made progress toward resolving the hardest issues dividing Israel and the Palestinians, but a deal could slip through his hands.

"The path is becoming clearer. The puzzle is becoming more defined. And it is becoming much more apparent to everybody what the remaining tough choices are," Kerry said following three days of shuttle diplomacy in Israel and the West Bank.

Anne Gearan and William Booth 7:27 AM ET
Kerry, making 10th shuttle trip, says Mideast talks making progress but a deal could fall apart.
Pakistani official complicates NATO’s Afghan war plans

Kerry traveled Sunday to meet with Jordan’s King Abdullah II and planned to also see Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah. The two are key Arab players whose support would be crucial to making a deal stick.

The United States is seeking agreement now on an outline for a final peace deal Kerry said he wants to forge by the end of April. He has made 10 trips to the region to push both sides to compromise positions about borders and other divisive issues that have calcified over decades of conflict.

"I cannot tell you when, particularly, the last pieces may decide to fall into place or may fall on the floor and leave the puzzle unfinished," Kerry said.”

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