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Questionable 'nay' or no votes for prayer mention on World War II memorial

Check out photos from the Atlantic Pavilion Pillars.
Check out photos from the Atlantic Pavilion Pillars.
Shamontiel L. Vaughn

The S. 1044: World War II Memorial Prayer Act of 2013 bill, now a law, directs the Secretary of the Interior to include an inscription on a District of Columbia plaque stating that President Franklin D. Roosevelt prayed with the Unites States on June 6, 1944, the morning of D-Day*. This plaque will be installed at the World War II memorial.

Suspension of the rules categories, usually used for non-controversial bills, got a questionable amount of "nay" votes and inactivity from a total of 61 (12 nays, 49 not voting) Republicans and Senators but was still signed by the president on June 30.

In Illinois, the voter turnout was:

Yea: Kelly, Robin (D - 2nd); Quigley, Mike (5th); Davis, Danny (D - 7th); Schakowsky, Jan (D - 9th); Schneider, Bradley (D - 10th); Foster, Bill (D - 11th); Enyart, William (D- 12th); Davis, Rodney (R- 13th); Hultgren, Randy (R - 14th); Shimkus, John (R- 15th); Kinzinger, Adam (R- 16th); Bustos, Cheri (D - 17th); Schock, Aaron (R - 18th)

Nay: Duckworth, Tammy (8th)

No Vote: Rush, Bobby (D - 1st); Lipinski, Daniel (D - 3rd); Gutiérrez, Luis (D - 4th); Roskam, Peter (R - 6th)

The bill was introduced by Ohio Republican Senator Sen. Robert “Rob” Portman. No one in Ohio voted nay, but one Democratic Senator Tim Ryan did choose not to vote.

Federal funds will not be used for the preparation and installation of the plaque. However, private contributors are eligible to help with plaque funds.

Do you think the prayer text about Franklin D. Roosevelt is important to have on the World War II memorial plaque?

D-Day was when 150,000 troops (half American) invaded Western Europe to overwhelm Germany during World War II.

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