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Question to Mortenson Construction? How important is it to host a Super Bowl?

So here it is Vikings fans...or more importantly: Football fans! The clock is ticking...5 yrs, 4 yrs, 3 yrs, 2....Just how important is it for our Minnesota Vikings to host another Super Bowl game in 2018?! After all, it is just one event - a 3 hour spectacle; and if it's anything like the one between the Washington Redskins and Buffalo Bills in 1992 (a 37-24 bloodbath in favor of the Natives), it will be rampant in more ways than one and very soon forgotten...

So why are project planners making such a big deal over this obvious exercise in vehemence and voraciousness?! After all, it ain't Target Field and this isn't Ron Gardenhire taking twib notes from TK on the proper way to keep his craw from lining with the remnants of Copenhagen like he was reenacting the highlights of an old Hannah Barbera routine (minus all the major players left to the back of a ruffled sketch pad, of course!). By the way: Spinach, anyone?

$975 million! The Vikings find this is not enough to keep everyone happy. "We only have $975 million in the budget, and there's only so many things you can get under that number," says Vikings VP Lester Bagley. Well, well, can only hope - but knowing our purple patriarchs just judging from their pinstriped brethren may be enough to bring them to their tepid and infirm senses.

"Where's Max Winter when you need him?"

Mike Lynn hasn't got a clue.

"Do you?"

Just stay clear of the Bayou.

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