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Question the loose monkey in Ohio

Monkey riding a lion?
Monkey riding a lion?

Monday morning news offered a strange report of a large monkey loose near downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. Supposedly spotted by many, yet when the Cincinnati Zoo, ASPCA and the Ringling Brothers circus (which just happened to be passing through at that time) went to search for the monkey - nothing. The search was called off at 1 p.m. and Ringling circus claims no monkeys were on their train.

Not long ago, claims were made of a lion being spotted sunning itself, also in south west Ohio, never to be found, evidence seen or any further sightings. It's reminiscent of the Gahanna lion spectacle of a few years back in time. Sighted more than once and people claiming they were certain it was a lion.

Could Ohio have "ghost" animals? Magically appearing, disappearing and leaving no trace? There's apparently strange happenings in Ohio, once again. A large monkey does not easily disappear or hide in a city of thousands of people. It may be possible in acres of woods, but very unlikely to leave no evidence of its existence in a city. The same is true of a lion outside a city. Tracks are left, feces unlike deer or any native animals.

Maybe it is best to keep our eyes open and be ready for a Ghostbusters revival if animals keep appearing with no source or evidence found. In the event one is in close proximity, perhaps peering in a downtown office window, call the local police.