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Question of the Day 4.8.11

Name the music video! (click to enlarge)
Name the music video! (click to enlarge)
Columbia Records

Our Question of the Day is a chance for you to test your 80s knowledge. Each weekday we'll give you a snapshot from a music video, movie, or TV show from the 80s. Your task?

Name the music video (using the comments section below)!

Good luck.

The answer to yesterday's QOTD: The Equalizer. Congrats to Matt for guessing correctly!

It may not have been the most conventional TV show, but The Equalizer was good enough to stay on CBS's schedule for five solid years. Starring Edward Woodward as the titular hero, the show was a modern day Robin Hood, with Woodward (as Agent McCall) going around helping put wrongs right. He may not have looked tough, but for an 'old-timer', McCall was just about as rough as they come.


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