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Question of the Day 4.6.11

Name the music video! (click to enlarge)
Name the music video! (click to enlarge)
Motown Records

Our Question of the Day is a chance for you to test your 80s knowledge. Each weekday we'll give you a snapshot from a music video, movie, or TV show from the 80s. Your task?

Name the music video (using the comments section below)!

Good luck.

The answer to yesterday's QOTD: Heathers. Congrats to Kailyn for guessing correctly!

Hitting theaters in March 1989, Heathers was an instant cult classic. Starring Winona Ryder, Christian Slater, and Shannen Doherty, it told the (rather morbid) tale of the perils of high school popularity. It was director Michael Lehmann's first film, and arguably his best-- he would go on to direct the ill-fated Hudson Hawk a few years later. The movie didn't even make its $3 million budget back in the theaters, but it has since gone on to be just about as classic as you could get.


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