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Question of the Day 4.13.11

Name the TV show! (click to enlarge)
Name the TV show! (click to enlarge)

Our Question of the Day is a chance for you to test your 80s knowledge. Each weekday we'll give you a snapshot from a music video, movie, or TV show from the 80s. Your task?

Name the TV show (using the comments section below)!

Good luck.

The answer to yesterday's QOTD: Can't Buy Me Love. Congrats to Matt and Kailyn for guessing correctly!

Starring relative unknowns Patrick Dempsey and Amanda Peterson, Can’t Buy Me Love told the tale of ultra-popular cheerleader Cindy Mancini and ultra-geeky astronomy nerd Ronald (or ‘Donald’ to Cindy) Miller. Sick of being a outcast, Ronald had a crazy idea– spend $1000 that he’d saved up by mowing lawns and buy himself a girlfriend (and at least a month or so of popularity.) Yeah, let’s just say it looked good on paper. My man, you shoulda just gone ahead and bought that telescope. For more on Can't Buy Me Love, click here.


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