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Question of the Day 4.12.11

Name the movie! (click to enlarge)
Name the movie! (click to enlarge)
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Our Question of the Day is a chance for you to test your 80s knowledge. Each weekday we'll give you a snapshot from a music video, movie, or TV show from the 80s. Your task?

Name the movie (using the comments section below)!

Good luck.

The answer to yesterday's QOTD: Phil Collins' "Don't Lose My Number".

As Wikipedia put it so wonderfully, "The song is addressed to someone called 'Billy' whom the singer is hoping to find (and hopes Billy still has his number)." Really? That's the deep, profound meaning you took away from this top ten hit from 1985? Yes, Phil Collins had a vague (content-wise) hit on his hands, but the real trouble came when he knew that he'd need to make a video to accompany it. As the story goes, instead of coming up with a relevant video, Phil decided to go with the video-within-a-video approach. The result? One of the most fun videos from the 80s, featuring send-ups of "Every Breath You Take", "You Might Think", "California Girls", and "I'm Still Standing", among many many more. Here it is, in case you've forgotten.


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