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Question of the Day 4.11.11

Name the music video! (click to enlarge)
Name the music video! (click to enlarge)
Atlantic Records

Our Question of the Day is a chance for you to test your 80s knowledge. Each weekday we'll give you a snapshot from a music video, movie, or TV show from the 80s. Your task?

Name the music video (using the comments section below)!

Good luck.

The answer to Friday's QOTD: Scandal's "Goodbye to You". Congrats to Matt for guessing correctly!

One of the best kiss-off songs ever written (and a true 80s new wave classic), “Goodbye to You” never cracked the top 50 on the Billboard charts, but there’s not many early 80s compilations that don’t include it. And rightfully so– it’s quick (only 3:30ish), it’s got a great beat, and it’s insanely easy to sing along to. And (trivia alert!) it features none other than Paul Shaffer on that wicked keyboard solo. For more of our take on "Goodbye to You", click here.


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