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Question for Lakers fans: Celtics or Magic?

Do you want the Lakers to meet Ray Allen and co. in the finals?
Do you want the Lakers to meet Ray Allen and co. in the finals?
AP Photo/Charles Krupa


  • rj 6 years ago

    revenge on boston!!

  • KobeBryantExaminer 6 years ago

    I want BOSTON!!!

  • robert 6 years ago


  • chris 6 years ago

    Not to mention home court against Bioston

  • Toni 6 years ago

    I want BOSTON! - The Lakers have "unfinished business" with this team!

  • Chris 6 years ago

    Hello everyone. I agree, REVENGE on Boston. Home court is a plus for us.

  • rizzo 6 years ago

    i want Boston...dead or alive.

  • mastarockafella 6 years ago


  • elida 6 years ago

    iwant revenge :/

  • celtickilla 6 years ago


  • berks24 6 years ago

    I don't think the lakers lost on 2008! remember game 2? but of course the meltdown on game 4 is impossible to happen. The league is agains the lakers! This is not just a revenge to the celts but fronm the league itself. One more thing! this season everytime the cavs lose lakers lost too, so stern is going to do everything to saves lebrons ask from kobes greatness...

  • uwee 6 years ago

    lets eat something GREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wtf 6 years ago

    berks24, you are a complete and total moron. that is all.

  • Marissa 6 years ago

    Well not really a surprise once you read the other comments but... I want Boston.. big time.. watching the '08 NBA finals almost made me cry.. I'd really enjoy it if the Boston fans had a little taste of that this year.. not to mention the home court advantage it'll give us..

  • HEATHER OSORIO 6 years ago

    lakers all the way revenge on Boston there both good but what i gotta say Boston=OK LAKERS=BEAST AND WINNING THE FINALS

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