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Quentin Tarantino to bring Django and Zorro together in crossover

Django will meet Zorro
Vertigo Comics

DC Comics and Dynamite Comics have announced a partnership to bring two iconic characters together through two legendary story tellers in Quentin Tarantino and Matt Wagner.

Zorro, the Z carving vigilante will come face to face with the slave freeing freedom fighter Django who most prominently came to the cinematic forefront in Tarantino's 2012 film "Django Unchained." This will be a sequel of sorts to the popular film.

The unorthodox filmmaker will team up with the long tenured comic writer Matt Wagner to co-pen this multi-publisher crossover. Wagner is a multi-time Eisner winning writer who has written Zorro for Dynamite in the recent past.

Coming off the success and popularity of "Django Unchained," DC Comics purchased the license to publish a "Django Unchained" comic that followed the first draft storyboards of Tarantino's original vision for the character. Under the Vertigo label, the Django comic was able to bring an unfiltered version that was not feasible on screen. Tarantino had this to say about his co-plotters:

I'm very very excited about both this story and the opportunity to work with Matt. It was reading his Zorro stories that convinced me what a good idea it was to join these two icons together. And the story idea we came up with is thrilling, and I think will be an exciting new chapter for both characters

This unlikely team-up will not be the first time Dynamite Comics and DC Comics unite. Just a month earlier, the two publishers released a Green Hornet/Batman '66 team-up comic, bringing the two dynamic and flamboyant vigilantes together.

Zorro comes face to face with Django somewhere in the latter half of 2014.

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