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Queens Holistic Nutrition Coach Teaches How To "Fuel For Fitness"

Learn what to eat before and after your workout for maximum results!
Learn what to eat before and after your workout for maximum results!
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Are you confused about what to eat before you run, bike or lift weights? How about the best way to refuel after your workout? Learn to separate myth from muscle at the free Fueling for Fitness workshop.

Join Yvette Laboy, a holistic health and nutrition coach, on January 11th at 2:00 pm for the Fueling for Fitness workshop and discover what to eat in order to get maximum results from your workout. Yvette will teach you how to plan your meals and snacks around your exercise schedule, to help you reach your fitness goals. You’ll also learn which foods are “energy boosters” that will keep you burning fat throughout your workout. Most importantly, you’ll hear which foods might be sabotaging your best efforts, and what you should be eating instead. (This might surprise you!)

The Fueling for Fitness workshop is highly engaging and offers participants a chance to ask questions about their personal exercise routines and food concerns. As an added bonus, you’ll receive a step-by-step action plan for fueling and refueling your workouts. If your workouts have reached a plateau no matter how often you exercise, it could be how, what and when you’re eating. Call Mimi for Me Yoga Studio at 718-505-9642 to sign up for Fueling for Fitness workshop and start getting better results.

For more information about the Fueling for Fitness workshop, please visits or call Mimi For Me Yoga Studio 718-505-9642 or visit her website:

Yvette was trained at the institute for integrative nutrition, which is one to the largest schools in the field of nutrition and is certified by Columbia University and The America Association of Drugless Practitioners in the field of Nutrition. She specializes in auto-immune diseases, weight loss and weight management.