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Queen photobomb: The Queen photobombs selfie at Commonwealth Games

Yes, the Queen does have teeth and can smile.
Yes, the Queen does have teeth and can smile.
Instagram - jaydetaylor

The 2014 Commonwealth Games are going to bring a lot of excitement to people from all over the world, but no-one may have expected what happened on July 24, 2014. The Independent reported that the Queen photobombed a selfie being taken by a couple of girls and the image was shared on Instagram showing her Royal Highness smiling and having a grand time.

Australian field hockey player Jade Taylor wrote with the pic:

"Aaaahhh the Queen photo-bombed our selfie."

The image of the Queen photobomb instantly got hundreds of likes and the attention keeps going up every single minute.

Taylor was simply trying to take a selfie of herself and teammate Brookie Peris while at the Commonwealth Games. With the Queen of England walking by, they obviously just tried to get her in the shot. Little did they know she would flash a smile and join in on the fun.

The Queen did take part in the opening ceremony for the Commonwealth Games on Wednesday evening so she is taking in some of the action.

Many are making comments and showing their amazement that the Queen is actually smiling since she is normally pictured with a surly demeanor. Even at the opening ceremony for the Commonwealth Games, she had a stern look on her face while all the fun was taking place, as shown by Buzzfeed.

What a difference just 24 hours makes, right?

Whatever her reasoning for it was, the Queen decided to photobomb this selfie and she has made even more of a name for herself than she already had. It's great knowing she can have a good time just like everyone else and take part in some Internet debauchery.

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