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'Queen of Diamonds' by Frank Zafiro and Jim Wilsky free during March Craziness

"Queen of Diamonds", the second book in the Ania Trilogy will be free for five days.
"Queen of Diamonds", the second book in the Ania Trilogy will be free for five days., amazon, Eric Beetner

On Sunday, March 9, Spokane-area author Frank Zafiro announced on his official website that Amazon Kindle ebook editions of "Queen of Diamonds", the second book in the Ania Trilogy he co-wrote with Jim Wilsky, will be free from March 10 to March 14 as part of their ongoing March Craziness event.

March Craziness launched with a sale on the ebook version of Zafiro's sports novel "All That Counts." From March 5 to March 9, the Craziness continued with Wilsky and Zafiro giving away free copies of their crime fiction novel "Blood on Blood", the hard hitting first volume in the Ania Trilogy.

"Queen of Diamonds" picks up shortly after the end of "Blood on Blood." The mysterious femme fatale Ania takes a side trip to Las Vegas on her way to California and becomes involved with two high stakes poker players.

According to the product description on Amazon, "When Ania Kozak hits Vegas, she’s only looking for a place to relax and lay low with her stolen cash and diamonds. But Sin City has other plans for “Annie.”

"Cord Needham is a poker circuit champion with an eye for the ladies and a dark secret in his past. Casey Brunnell is a former baseball player fighting the cards and running up debts to a local mobster. When Annie decides to play a dangerous game with both of them, the stakes go through the roof. Everyone scrambles to beat the odds and get out of town with the money…and their lives."

On his website, Zafiro talked a little about how March Craziness has been going so far before revealing the next surprise he and Wilsky have in store for their readers.

According to Zafiro, "Today is the last day of Blood on Blood being a free Kindle download. That’s the bad news. The good news is that readers have made it number 10 in the hard boiled category for free downloads.

"But here’s more good news! The sequel, Queen of Diamonds, will be a free Kindle download starting tomorrow ([March] 10) and through March 14!"

The structure of the novel is similar to "Blood on "Blood" which should add to the fun for readers who enjoyed the first book of the series. "Queen of Diamonds" is told mostly in alternating chapters narrated in first-person from the point of view of either Needham or Brunnell. This unconventional structure allows Wilsky and Zafiro to sometimes show the same events from both protagonists' perspectives and delve into their thoughts as they match wits over card tables.

Kindle owners in the greater Spokane area, or anyone who uses Amazon's free Kindle app on their computers or other devices can get "Queen of Diamonds" for free from Amazon starting on Monday, March 10.

People who are interested in finding out what else will be available either for free or at discounted prices during March Craziness should follow Zafiro on Twitter. He posts regular updates about giveaways and other news that would be of value to his readers. He also updates his website frequently. In addition to news about March Craziness, his site features free samples of his books and other content that may be of interest to people who enjoy the Ania Trilogy.

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