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Queen Loseyateefa, totally The Dirty South Derby Girls

Queen Loseyateefa, totally The Dirty South Derby Girls
Queen Loseyateefa, totally The Dirty South Derby Girls
Atlanta Roller Girls

Queen Loseyateefa: Team Captain, #2#U, Recently voted “Rollergirl of the year” by her peers.

Weapons of choice: Rusty nails/Thunder thighs
Specialty: One Hitta Quitta/Throwin’ elbows
Bands: The Runaways, The Roots,
Books: Art of War
Which ATL girl is most likely to draw blood: Me
Hobbies: skating/reading/skating

“Its absolutely necessary to have dedicated training staff on board that keeps the team member’s bodies in tip top derby shape. This ensures there is a low probability of anyone breaking bones and losing any teeth. Roller derby is definitely not for the squeamish.”

Whats practice like? “40 laps then stretch in the center of the rink, for the next couple hours the coach goes through a variety of drills, speed skating, agility, hitting, falling, blocking and skating in a pack. We also play games like dodgeball or freezetag or learn dance skating moves that help with these skills.

“10 minutes before the end of practice we skate counter clockwise to cool down and stretch. The skill of the girls varies throughout the season so sometimes we break the team down into two groups, so the seasoned girls can develop more advanced techniques and the new girls learn it. Don’t worry about keeping up, we always encourage you to push yourself, but if it becomes to much skate to the side of the track to keep your heart rate up and to constantly be working on endurance.”

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