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Queen Latifah’s axe throwing is impressive; women loggers give star tips (video)

Queen Latifah is one tough woman and if anyone is thinking about crossing this talk show host, may we suggest they take a look at her hurling an axe across the room. During The Queen Latifah Show on Wednesday the talk show host had on some different king of women giving a demonstration. These ladies were part of the Axe Women Loggers of Maine. According to WABI on Wednesday, the ladies are professional competitors and can hit the dead center of a target about 20-feet away.

Whenever professional stunt people come on talk shows people get interested, but when someone like Queen Latifah starts slinging axes, then it’s a good idea to watch. It was an unbelievable moment too as when she flung the axe across the room it nearly hit the dead center of the target.

The cool portion of the segment also included when the different tricks using an axe was shown. It is not very often when people show how to throw an axe. Queen Latifah obviously picked up on the short demonstration and she was a solid thrower.

The funniest part of this demonstration had to be the talk show host holding that axe. There are people in the world who you would never think would be whipping around an axe on television. However, as the fans saw on Tuesday, the list has narrowed down as Queen Latifah was holding it like she has one at home.

Take a look at Queen Latifah’s axe throwing skills in the video clip. She is impressive!

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