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Dr. Oz: Queen Latifah talks weight loss and belly bloat remedies revealed

Dr. Oz: Belly bloat remedies and Queen Latifah's weight loss
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Dr. Mehmet Oz revealed instant remedies for banishing belly bloat and discussed Queen Latifah's weight loss and breast-reduction surgery on the May 19 episode of the Dr. Oz Show.

Queen Latifah recently lost a significant amount of weight after overhauling her diet and starting a workout routine. She said she finally learned to be happy with her looks after struggling with a negative body image for years.

Breast Reduction Surgery and Childhood Sexual Abuse

In 2003, Latifah got breast-reduction surgery to relieve her chronic back and shoulder pain. She said making the decision was hard, but she realized it was best for her health.

Queen Latifah also thanked Dr. Oz for helping her mother through her recent battle with congestive heart failure, which is when the heart weakens and fluid build ups in the lungs. Latifah's mom is doing better now.

While Latifah has always projected a strong, confident image, she self-medicated with alcohol after her brother died in a motorcycle accident in 1992 (on the motorcycle she had bought for him). Three years later, a close friend was shot and nearly died in her arms.

The tragic incidents threw Queen Latifah into a dark depression. In 1996, she was arrested for driving with marijuana and a loaded handgun, and sought therapy to regain control of her life. She later revealed to her therapist that she had been molested by her babysitter when she was five years old and had kept the incident a secret for decades.

Latifah overcame the shame and guilt about her sexual abuse after realizing she was not at fault. "What set me free was looking at it from a different perspective," she said. "I was five, manipulated and afraid. You have to say something. The power of those who perpetrate the abuse is your fear and your shame. And that's unacceptable."

Latifah said her health tips include taking a 200mg magnesium supplement an hour before bedtime to calm her nerves and promote restful sleep. She revealed how she overcame the odds on her road to fame and fortune in her book Put on Your Crown.

Instant Belly Bloat Remedies

On a separate segment, Dr. Oz revealed simple solutions for banishing belly bloat:

  • Alpha galactosidase. Alpha galactosidase is an enzyme that helps break down starchy, hard-to-digest food. Take one dose before a gassy meal to ward off bloating.
  • Ginger drops. Ginger drops have been shown to relieve nausea, morning sickness, and motion sickness. Dr. Oz said one ginger drop after every meal will give you immediate bloat relief. If you don't like drops, ginger tea works just as well.
  • Peppermint oil capsules. Peppermint oil capsules prevent Irritable Bowel Syndrome-related abdominal pain, diarrhea, bloating and gas.
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