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Queen Elizabeth orders Royal coverup: Wants Kate Middleton to show less leg

Apparently, Queen Elizabeth has had enough of seeing and hearing about Kate Middleton's sexy legs. So, instead of another headline and set of photos showing the Duchess of Cambridge's latest fashion statement (which is everything she wears) accessorizing the young Royal's legs, the headlines are trumpeting the Queen's displeasure at the shortness of her grandson's wife's skirts and dresses -- and that she wants something done about them, post haste.

WebProNews reported Feb. 4 that a subtle makeover is in the works for the 32-year-old duchess. Gone will be the short skirt hemlines and leg-revealing outfits Kate Middleton is accustomed to. A fashion aide is being chosen to work with Middleton on her wardrobe. But in the meantime, with a trip to Australia looming, Queen Elizabeth has loaned out her personal dresser Angela Kay.

Kay has been the Queen's dresser for over two decades. Kate Middleton's forthcoming wardrobe additions will undoubtedly contain articles that will be approved by the Queen.

The Daily Mail noted that this was a "deliberate move to shift the Duchess’s image from High Street to high end, timeless Royal elegance – without losing her freshness and informality." Furthermore: “This trip will be about Kate appearing more Royal than ever – you can expect to see a lot more tiaras and the Queen will be watching closely.”

The idea is to exude "maternal warmth and a sense of majesty."

Middleton is said to also have a say in her attire, having spoken with Alexander McQueen and Alice Temperley, who are designing gowns and day dresses.

Added emphasis has been put on the trip to Australia because it was Princess Diana's first trip to the continent nation (in 1988) that launched her as woman of style and sophistication and seemed to add a certain relevance to the British monarchy, an institution that had previously been looked upon as a fading anachronism. There is hope the Kate Middelton will continue where Princess Diana left off.

No doubt there will be some who agree with Queen Elizabeth on the matter, but nuns are hardly reliable fashion critics. And it is probably safe to say most have found the young Duchess of Cambridge quite accessible and relatable as a Royal, somewhat in part due to her youthful wardrobe. That being said, Kate Middleton's short skirts in no way make the lady -- nor does ratio of skirt length to revealed leg unmake her.

The long and short of it is: The Queen's ordered coverup goes a bit too far and reveals only a sad clutching at things that don't really matter anymore. And Kate Middleton is a grown woman who has shown herself quite adept at choosing her own wardrobe thus far, getting along just fine dressing herself. Besides, she's headed to Australia, not back to the 1930s.

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