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Queen Elizabeth field hockey photobomb: Queen pulled into pop culture phenomenon

The Queen showed off her photobomb skills at the Commonwealth games when two young field hockey players posed for a selfie. From out behind a soccer net the Queen's smiling face is seen in a photobomb that's gone globally viral today, reports Fox News Sports on July 24.

Queen Elizabeth's photobomb goes viral today!

The selfie is a part of pop culture that is seen in all walks of life, as is the photobomb. This just might be the first time a member of royalty has been captured in a photobomb, another aspect of pop culture today.

If anyone in the royal family was to show up as a photobomb, one might think it would be Prince Harry, who enjoys a good prank. Who would have thought that it would be the Queen making headlines today and not her grandson, in this pop culture tradition? It seems the older generation of royalty is taking the honors of the first viral photobomb coming from the monarch.

The Queen doesn't appear to know that she's about to photobomb a picture and she probably had no inkling that once she was seen as a photobomb that she'd become one of the most popular photobombs captured this week. She does however seem to realize she's about to be snapped in a picture as she looks right at the camera and smiles.

According to TMZ, the girls tried to capture the Queen in the background of their picture, but the Queen knew nothing about this. She did however "flash those pearly whites" once realizing she was in the picture.

As you can see in the selfie taken of the two young girls, the Queen seems to see a camera, because she looks just darling smiling right at it. The two girls in the picture are Australian field hockey players and they posted the picture to Twitter.

The caption reads "Ahhh The Queen photo-bombed our selfie!!" They seemed to be thrilled that they captured the Queen in this special moment. Even though the Queen is in her 80s, she proved today that she can keep up with modern times.

The words "selfie" and "photobomb" are young in the scope of history, they are a creation of this generation. With the new cell phone technology basically putting a camera in everyone's hands, a selfie just describes a type of picture taking.

As Fox reports, the selfie and the photobomb are trends and once the selfie evolved the trend of the photobomb "grew right alongside it." So what do the terms really mean?

A selfie is when a person holding the camera at arms length and captures a picture of themselves. This typically happens on a smartphone or webcam and then uploaded to social media, according to the Urban Dictionary.

A photobomb is when a person unexpectedly appears in the camera's field of view as the picture is taken and spoils the shot. It is typically done as a prank or practical joke, according to the Urban Dictionary.

The Queen in this picture didn't spoil the shot, she made the shot! The girls in the picture are now seen around the world, but without the Queen they probably would have shared the picture with only a few friends. Now they are global, thanks to the Queen and some handy work by the girls!

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