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Queen Creek Dog Rescue Battles to Save Severely Neglected "Angel"

Angel - the day she was brought into the shelter, covered in hundreds of ticks.
Angel - the day she was brought into the shelter, covered in hundreds of ticks.
Michelle Lilly

The morning of June 7, 2014 brought a heart-wrenching neglect case to the East Valley Maricopa County Animal Care & Control shelter. A shelter volunteer, Michelle Lilly, witnessed a couple trying to drop off a severely emaciated female pit mix (they claimed they found the dog running in the street), and Michelle immediately began working to network the dog she began to call Jenny. Jenny was covered in ticks, and weighed only 27 pounds. Michelle pulled hundreds and hundreds of ticks off Jenny, bathed her, and comforted her, while waiting for someone to heed her call for help.

Queen Creek Dog Rescue Battles to Save Severely Neglected "Angel"
2nd Chance Dog Rescue

Although Diana Czarnecki, 2nd Chance Dog Rescue's founder, was still reeling from the passing of another severe neglect case she rescued just weeks earlier, she leapt to Jenny's aid. Jenny was taken to Power Road Animal Hospital to be treated, and fortunately was immediately designated a recipient of PACC911's (Phoenix Animal Care Coalition) Lulu's Fund to assist with her daunting medical needs.

Jenny was diagnosed with severe Valley Fever and Tick Fever, and has been undergoing treatment since June 9, 2014 at Power Road Animal Hospital, under the watchful eye of Dr. Scott Darger, who treats all of 2nd Chance Dog Rescue's dogs. Jenny soon became known as Angel, simply because the name was extremely well-suited to the sweet and loving animal, who has not stopped wagging her tail despite the severity of her illnesses, and the mistreatment that brought her to this point.

Although it appears Angel's will to live is very strong, she still has a long road ahead and is not completely out of the woods. Although her blood work results have been very good, Angel continues to have problems eating - she is being fed with a feeding tube and is being treated like a dog with megaesophagus as she isn't able to swallow her food, due to the weakness in her neck muscles.

Angel's plight has galvanized the animal-loving community's support and love, including an apparel and accessories company, Hendrick Boards, which supports over 350 animal nonprofits, shelters and rescues across the nation. Hendrick Boards has created a fundraiser for Angel - $10 from the sale of each of the designated products goes to help Angel directly.

2nd Chance Dog Rescue is seeking a long-term, loving foster for Angel, to help nurse her back to health once she is able to leave the hospital. If you live within 50 miles of Queen Creek and would like to apply to be a foster, or if you would like to donate to assist with Angel's ongoing medical care costs, please visit their website at: to fill out their Foster Volunteer Form or to donate via PayPal. Diana Czarnecki extends her heartfelt "thanks to all of Angel's supporters and donors" as they have enabled her to fight for Angel's life, for as long as there is still fight in Angel.

2nd Chance Dog Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to saving abandoned/abused dogs, and provide them with shelter and a safe environment so they can regain their trust in humanity.

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