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Quebec's missing kangaroo

Three girls and domestic kangaroo 1900-1910
Three girls and domestic kangaroo 1900-1910
Wikimedia Commons/StateLibQld 1 100472Public Domain

Mirka, a one-year old tamed kangaroo is back where she belongs after jumping a fence at the Murmurs d'animaux zoo therapy farm in St-Lazare, Quebec, where she is being trained to serve as a “therapy” animal for human children, along with other animals including camels, donkeys and horses.

According to her trainer Luc Lefebvre Mirka is “curious, gentle and friendly, and certainly not dangerous. "Normally, when she sees people she goes across to the people and maybe she can hold your hand, or she can know if you have some treats in your hands. She can come and be very gentle with people," he said.
After being missing for nearly 24 hours, Mirka, who stands about 3-feet tall, was spotted by local resident Faye Siliuk in hr backyard, and Lefebvre was able to catch her without further incident.

"She was shaking, and licking me. It's a beautiful day now," he exclaimed.

In the meantime, Siliuk expressed her amazement at finding the kangaroo in her garden.
"It took me a while to register what kind of animal that could be. I looked at it and thought, 'Oh my God, that's not a rabbit! It's not a deer! The only thing it could be is a kangaroo.' I tried to make sense of it with North American animals, and that didn't work," she stated.

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