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Quebec's Ice Hotel

Green room in Ice Hotel
Green room in Ice Hotel
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About 30 minutes west of Quebec City, you will find the only Ice Hotel in North America. Crafted from 15,000 tons of snow and 500 tons of ice, Quebec's Ice Hotel is truly a unique winter experience. The hotel first opened in 2000 and is currently celebrating its 10th Anniversary. You get to choose from many packages which include various activities. The hotel is open from January 4th until April 4th.

Each December, steel molds and wooden walls are put up to form a skeleton of the hotel; snow and ice is blown into the molds. When the structure is frozen and secure, the wooden molds are removed, leaving a hotel completely built of ice. As the weather begins to warm, the Ice Hotel is manually thawed and removed until the following December. Even the beds and chairs are made from ice, although animal skin blankets keep people pleasantly warm during their stay. (courtesy of Ste 101).

Several orientation and preparation tours are given throughout the day to prepare you for your night on ice! There are 36 rooms in the hotel and it sleeps 88 people. You may choose to stay in the regular rooms or in themed suites some with their own spas or fireplaces. There are foam mattresses on top of the ice beds, but  you still need to keep your winter clothes on and use the good warm sleeping bag you are given in order to stay warm. The temperature in the rooms are maintained  between -3 and -5 degrees Celsius even if it's colder outside.

In case you are not a fan of sleeping in the cold, but would still like to visit the hotel, public tours of the hotel are available with a fee.

An ice chapel is also part of this hotel. There are many adventurous and courageous couples who decide to take their wedding vows at this chapel every year.

There are also many activities such as cross-country skiing, dogsledding, ice-fishing, and sliding which are not to be missed. There are also other relaxing and pampering activities such as hot tubs and tandem massages.

Whether you decide to spend the night or not, Quebec's Ice Hotel should definitely be part of your winter plans.

For all information on the hotel or to make a reservation, please visit their website.



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