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Quebec election night shooter switches lawyers again

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There's been another unexpected development in the case of suspected Quebec election night shooter Richard Henry Bain.

Bain has changed lawyers again, to the apparent surprise of his previous attorney.

Bain was back in court Friday for a hearing to iron out the details of a legal aid agreement that was ordered by a judge last month.

But it started with Bain's lawyer announcing that he was no longer in the file.

Jean-Marc Tremblay told the court that Bain informed him three weeks ago that his services were no longer needed.

"I'm out," Tremblay said.

Bain is now being represented by Marcel Guérin. His name was the only one that emerged when the call was put out last fall for a defence lawyer to represent Bain.

Guérin told reporters that Bain contacted him three months ago but didn't elaborate on what changed between now and then.

"I'm in the file now," is all what Guérin would say to reporters.

"He called me and I agreed with him."

The case was postponed to next week because the details of the legal aid conditions were sent to Bain in French and need to be translated. The judge pointed out in court that court documents for Bain have had to be in English in the past. Guérin insisted that his client was not upset but noted that it was his client's right to have the documentation in the language of his choice.

Tremblay had worked on the case for the past several months in a bid to get Bain legal aid. A judge ordered Bain get a state-funded lawyer after it was determined that the accused agreed to pay the government back over time because he couldn't do so right away.

When asked if the deal was satisfactory from what he's seen so far, Guérin would only say, "No."

Bain is accused of 15 charges including first degree murder and attempted murder following the deadly shooting at the Metropolis show venue in September 2012.

The trial is expected to begin early next year and last between eight to twelve weeks.

Guérin said in court he'd like to know as soon as possible because he has to be paid for his time preparing the case.

Bain appeared and sounded relatively subdued compared to his previous, more colourful court appearances, only standing up and responding to questions when Guérin or the judge asked him to.

Stagehand Denis Blanchette was shot and killed September 4, 2012 at the Metropolis where the PQ was celebrating its election victory. His co-worker Dave Courage was also shot and suffered serious injuries.