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Quebec construction industry expecting a record year in 2010

New residential construction will require additional skilled labour in 2010
New residential construction will require additional skilled labour in 2010

This past Monday, the CCQ (La Commission de la construction du Québec) announced that the Quebec construction industry could expect good news in 2010, as investments of $45 million in the province of Quebec will result in the highest volume of work the industry’s seen in the last 30 years. Mr. André Bedard, the president of the CCQ, stated at an industry event, that total labor hours worked in 2010 should reach 137 million, a 3% increase over last year’s output.

Much of the increase can be attributed to large civil engineering projects, such as the completion of long awaited Highway 30 project that will redirect traffic off of the island of Montreal. These types of projects will account for 7% of the expected growth.

The CCQ also anticipates residential construction to grow by 4%, as the economic recovery takes hold and demographic trends encourage housing development. Last year, the birth rate in Quebec edged up to 1.74, slightly higher than the Canadian birth rate of 1.57.

The CCQ also expects the institutional and commercial sectors to rebound in 2010. After recording a 6% drop, gains of 5% are expected. Much of the increases will be attributed to mining and industrial building development projects. These sectors will continue to be affected by the global recession.

This positive news will have implications, as the workforce will have to grow by 14,000 yearly by 2013 to keep up with demand. Mr. Bedard stated that the industry would focus its recruitment efforts on workers with expertise from other sectors, provinces and countries, as well as newer sources such as immigrants, women and Native Peoples.