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Quck & easy profit: flipping an online purchase buy & resell for profit on eBay or Amazon

At this time of year especially you often see super special teaser specials for popular games, toys, clothing items and more.  These items are typically "one day only" type of sales, marked at way below the retail price.  This is a perfect time to buy these items and "flip" or resell them online for a profit.

Name brand items work best, items that people are familiar with and are popular.  Think it desirable?  If so, and it is cheap, buy it.  Buy several.  (You can use a great service like to do a quick check on the recent sales history for a particular product).

For example, recently ran a special on the Scene It? games.  $7.99 each and it included such popular versions as Disney Channel, Star Trek, Twilight and more.  With a little investigation I discovered if I spent $25 on, my order qualified for Free Shipping.  So, I bought 4 games @ $7.99 each.  Within a few days they were on my doorstep.  It took me less than 5 minutes to then list them on eBay and for sale.  To date, 3 of the 4 have sold and I have more than doubled my investment.  Not bad for 5 minutes of work!

Be sure to check out all the upcoming year-end clearance specials for great low priced items you can "flip" quickly and easily for profit!

Happy selling.  For more tips on online selling check my other Examiner articles.