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Quakeasaurus - Disaster in Napa

Napa Quake
Napa Quake
M. Reily

OK. I know you are worried. I am too. There was a massive earthquake in Napa this week and the damages could be beyond the 1 billion mark. One billion dollars! That is beyond comprehension. What will this do to your enjoyment of wine? What are the consequences of this devastation? Will this affect your everyday wine drinking?

Well, . . .yes and no. Yes it will, but maybe not. OK, so you are confused. That's natural. Anytime this kind of thing happens there are so many possibilities and so many ramifications that could occur.

I spoke with several vineyards in Napa this week and so far it's 50/50. Fifty percent report no real damage and fifty percent say there is a lot of damage. To what extent that damage is, is still in question.

The current crop of grapes are in flux. It could be the best crop in years but with the earthquake, who knows. And the wines aging and stored in Napa, with the damage, could cause a big gap in the market. So, what's the scoop?

The scoop is; prosperity and gain, opportunity and speculation, recuperation and endurance. It's as simple as that. Or as complicated. It all boils down to this; how will this affect you? How will this affect the next 2 years? Yes, 2 years!

First, I have to say that the vineyards and owners in Napa are stellar people! They know what they are doing and they will pull through this and come out on top. Second, the market is full of wine right now and any "shortages", if they occur, will be short lived and minimal. So you are save.

However, "safe" is not where I want to be at a time like this. I want to be , secure! I want to know I am at the leading end of this market and that I will be able to obtain the wines I want and need in the coming months and years. How do you do this?
You start with an inventory of wines you have and the wines you want to have over the next year. Luckily, the Charlotte area has many wine shops with many great wines in stock. Now is the time to seek out those wines and prepare your cellar to weather any shortages that may occur.

I love Charlotte. I love their wine shops and I know they are all working hard, especially now, to make sure there is as little interruption in the flow of wine as possible.

My heart goes out to Napa. I wish them the best.

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