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Quarry Colossus from 'Journey Into Nyx'

Quarry Colossus
Photo courtesy of Wizards of the Coast, used with permission.

Quarry Colossus is one of the newest Magic: The Gathering cards from Wizards of the Coast's expert expansion set Journey Into Nyx. Featured in the Mortals of Myth intro pack, Quarry Colossus can "bury" one of your opponent's threats back into their deck.

Quarry Colossus - 5WW
Creature - Giant (Uncommon)
When Quarry Colossus enters the battlefield, put target creature into its owner's library just beneath the top X cards of that library, where X is the number of Plains you control.

At seven mana, Quarry Colossus pretty much tops off your curve in both limited and constructed decks. Of course, the longer a game progresses the more powerful Quarry Colossus becomes as you'll undoubtedly control more lands.

The ability to two for one your opponent shouldn't be underestimated. Card advantage wins games. Despite its high casting cost, Quarry Colossus can play a pivotal role in winning a match, be it at your local draft or a game at the kitchen table at home.

One place we see Quarry Colossus making an impact is in the commander format, allowing players to tuck opposing commanders away. Think of Quarry Colossus as an Unexpectedly Absent on a stick. It may not be as effective as Chaos Warp, however it'll keep your opponent from abusing their commander long enough for you or another player to hopefully take them out of the game.

How will you use Quarry Colossus?

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