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Quantum leaps in how you walk through the world

“How do I get comfortable in my own skin with my own energy?” Being able to accept yourself with all your flaws and variables with the back drop of the voices around you and what they whisper in your ear. How do you get comfortable and confident in you? Something very powerful can be inside you, something that inspires, motivates and encourages others.

Quantum leaps in how you walk through the world

You can’t judge your own book by other people’s perception of the cover

It can be isolating at the same time to look out into the world and feel as though there is no one else out there who resembles you. Being different is looked down upon in our society, straying from what people perceive to be “the norm,” and doing what everyone else is doing just so that you feel included isn’t fulfilling in the long run.

Sometimes you just want to crawl back into your own shell

Maybe you feel you aren’t accomplished enough by other people’s standards. You are human and it’s natural to have these feelings. After all, you are a newborn soul into this world. What do you like or dislike, what are your quandaries, sundries and talents? The world is your oyster to explore and find that out for yourself. You are capable of turning insecurities into real fulfilling outward connections.

It takes practice, it takes experience

Just because everybody’s doing it doesn’t make it the ’right thing’ for you to do. Just because you see no one else doing it like you doesn’t make it ‘bad’ or ‘wrong.’ Eternally so, absolutely so. Some things in this universe are absolute.

The Russian writer Tolstoy said, “I cannot conceive of a man not being free unless he is dead”

The absence of freedom is the presence of death. Depriving yourself of individual freedom is murder to the soul, and you should be concerned. It’s as if you aren’t good enough. The problem is your moral genius lags behind.

The problem is that you have outdistanced the spiritual ends by which you live

Within the heart and soul of you is mighty precious. Maybe you didn’t walk over to the edge, maybe you were pushed. In my experience, you get better at them, the quantum leaps, jumping into the impossible possibilities. You’ve got to go forward in you, and the real meaning and purpose of it.

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