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‘Quantum Break,’ E3 2014, Xbox One and more discussed by Microsoft

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Phil Spencer has provided several updates in regards to the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo event. According to a report from Gear Nuke on Feb. 18, the corporate vice president of Microsoft Studios admitted that his company has still not yet decided on the plans to provide new information for upcoming games before E3 2014. You can find his comment below:

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Honestly we haven’t decided. Still working through all plans for all franchises, this is pr planning time for the year.

Phil Spencer went on to call the process a “balancing act.” Although they want to have a strong showing at E3 2014, the company would also like to “keep momentum” by releasing news earlier. You can find his statement below:

Always a balancing act. Everyone knows we want to have a great E3 and all of us want news early to keep momentum. #Tradeoffs

The corporate vice president also posted a short update on the Xbox One exclusive video game, “Quantum Break.” He believed that Remedy Entertainment is doing a “great job” with the story and characters. He also thinks that the time control mechanic could end up being as “special” as the bullet time feature from the “Max Payne” franchise.

E3 2014 will once again be held in Los Angeles. The event takes place between June 10 and June 12. Microsoft Studios should be going directly against Sony, Nintendo as well as other competitors.

“Quantum Break” will most likely appear in some form at the conference. You can find some screens from the third-person shooting action-adventure title with the slideshow to the left of this article.