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Quality of life for the caregiver

Taking a walk before sitting down to read
Taking a walk before sitting down to read
Just time to recharge the batteries

Caregivers do not have the time for much of the incidentals of life which give quality to our lives. We can look for resources in every corner of our world, but if it doesn’t come to us it is frequently impossible. We have found one resource which will come to us, that is the Library. We can order the book or books from a specific author to be delivered to our home. And if someone is suffering the effects of an illness or disability which keeps them in a care facility – well the Library will deliver to each facility and may already been doing so for that facility.

Books for so many of us are the escape needed to make life a little bit better. However, what if our eye sight is failing or we can’t hold a book at this time. The Library has that covered for us too. We can order the books on e-reader or on tape, even as a download for an IPod. Imagine how far this has come from when we use to have to have that large machine sitting there and it required someone to work it for us to listen to the stories. An IPod is approximately 2X4 and just was a few ounces. E-Readers are a little larger, but we can get them equipped with a verbal program to turn pages for us if that is a problem. We control the size of the text and/or the volume.

So if someone we know has need of one of these items, check with the Library. And get back to enjoying the quality of life.