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Quality food at an airport? Yes, with Phoenix's La Grande Orange Pizzeria

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I'm usually super particular about what food I eat before jumping on a flight. I've learned the hard way! I don't want greasy or unusual or overly salty or stinky food before being trapped in a tin box in the sky. I do want something satisfying, though, so those overpriced packs of carrot and celery sticks aren't a lure. How about artisan pizzas wood-fire baked to order? Yes, ma'am, yes sir!

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La Grande Orange Pizza in Phoenix's Sky Harbor Airport makes a terrific Pizza Margherita: chock full of fresh house-made Mozzarella, roasted tomatoes and fresh basil. Can you imagine, at an airport? It's really, really good. I've traveled to airports all over the world and outside of First Class lounges, I haven't been this impressed with a meal.

There's a little bit of seating around the cashier and if you're quick to jump on opportunities, there are a few electrical outlets to recharge your devices.

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