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Quality fencing products just right down the road
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One needn't order one's fencing gear from New York or London.  East Tennesseeans will find that their fencing needs can be met just right down the road in Atlanta, Georgia by

I have used for much of my gear and have been very pleasantly surprised by their service.  In Knoxville, we are in their normal 1-day shipping zone and anything I have needed in a hurry has been here in a hurry, without the need to pay for rush delivery.  Their prices are very reasonable on most items and on those that may be a bit higher than elsewhere, the convenience and service makes up for the usually very small difference in cost.

I have also been impressed with their customer service.  I ordered a Leon Paul Hungarian grip for my epee and it arrived with a nut wedged in the handle that prevented entry and sizing of the blade tang.  I could only surmise that someone had tried sizing the nut in the shaft and then couldn't get it out.  I called and explained the problem and they promptly sent a replacement grip.  They didn't demand the old grip back and I eventually (after much work) was able to retract the nut and ended up with an extra grip.  They also provided some advise on equipment when I talked to them on the phone. also maintains an excellent website chock-full-o interesting articles on various aspects of sport fencing.  They provide a free Parent's Guide to Fencing for those whose children are interested in the sport, as well as a Fencing 101, News, Armory, Gear Guide,  Video, and Training Tips sections.  Other sections available on their website include Shop, Health and Fitness, Profiles, and Rules, all accessible through the main page

Overall, is an excellent resource and highly recommended.  They seem genuinely motivated to fulfill their mission statement and provide quality service and products to fencing enthusiasts.

See you on the piste.  En garde!



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