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Quality Care, Is it real or not?

Quality Care is hard to find now days. Does quality care exist? Parents that work must seek a qualified childcare provider for their child. Most families have both parents working just to make ends meet. What does quality care look like? As a professional in the education field most professionals agree that parents are looking for a safe and caring place for their child. When visiting several centers in the Ottawa Illinois area looking for a program that provided quality care, there were none. One center that came close to providing quality care didn't have as many teachers that were veteran teachers. The center sold us by the curriculum, it was nice and clean, the teachers were calm with the children, there was a lot of help, but not all the help was well qualified staff.

When seeking a quality environment most parents look to see if the center has NAEYC Accreditation. NAEYC gives a center the highest accreditation using National standards. NAEYC which stands for National Association For The Education Of Young Children. There is a website for professionals as well as parents. The information for standards can be found here

NAEYC requires every teacher to have a Bachelors Degree or more. There are many standards to follow that include curriculum, safety, nutrition, and Administration standards. Children are exposed to activities that are meaningful hands on experiences, child initiated, teacher directed. Children explore math, science, social science, social emotional learning, literacy, and physical education. There are so many requirements that parents trust and look for the NAEYC symbol as a means of quality care given by quality teachers.

The Joliet Junior College Early Childhood Center recently received their Accreditation. They were happy to share this news with the community and are now fully enrolled with children from families who have always trusted the center, but trust them now more than ever. The Joliet Junior College has a featured website and Facebook Page go to and click on the Early Childhood Center Page and taka a view of what quality childcare look like. Take a visit to the center by calling ahead of time and setting an appointment for a tour. Several centers work hard to offer Quality Care. Is your provider quality or not?

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