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Quality car considerations for first-time teen drivers

Used Cars for Teens
Used Cars for Teens
Holmes Motors

Teenagers when learning how to drive cars and choosing their first vehicle can be a nerve-wracking, stressful life experience, and not just for the teen. Parents can, and will go through serious conniption fits worrying about their loved ones on the road, whether their kids become the next car accident statistic, and if the car used is going to protect their child. While parents can’t completely stop their teens from eventually driving, they can help ensure that teen is using a quality used vehicle.

The number one limitation parents often have from choosing the right car for their teenagers is cost. Parents would almost all agree their teen should have the latest safety features. Unfortunately, budgets often dictate a used car with far less features ends up being the choice. Teens left to their own devices are even more frugal, just buying a car that moves and does no more than that. That frequently means a car that is 9 years or older on average.

One way to save money, however, is to avoid using a car that drives up insurance costs. That hidden expense often drives a used car choice out of consideration. That means avoiding cars that have big insurance costs, like sports cars combined with a teenager. Wagons, hatchbacks, family cars, and trucks all tend to be cheaper to insure on average, even with a teenager as the driver.

As Bill Holmes with Holmes Motors puts it, "It is key for both the safety of your teenager, and the peace of mind for parents alike to select a safe and affordable first vehicle. There is a variety of great used car options available at pricing that is much more affordable over a new car or truck and are just as safe." Holmes Motors is a quality used car dealership in Biloxi, MS.

The second way to save and be safe is to consider some of the following used car models from a 2008 or 2009 range, which provides a significant drop in price but still ensures many of the most modern safety features are received. These cars include:

•The Audi A3 – Why in the world would a foreign car be a good pick for a teen? Aren’t they expensive to repair? Yes and no. The Audi A3 has proven to be very reliable, provides great fuel efficiency, and has very low insurance expenses. Further, the all-wheel drive provides far better control, especially for regions that see a lot of rain and snow on the roads.
•The Honda Accord Sedan – Get used to the name Honda, you will see it a lot with safety recommendations. That’s because the car company consistently rates the highest in insurance car crash tests. The Honda Accord Sedan also provides a notable fuel efficiency in a four-cylinder engine that is response but saves big dollars at the gas pump.
•The Mercury Sable/Ford Taurus – Both car companies used the same frame and model, just with different names. For parents who want their kids in a no-frill car that’s reliable, this is it. The best one to get should have stability control built in, which was a buyer’s option.
•The Subaru Forester – The king of the hatchback, these cars are great for all the gear teens travel with, and the Forester is very responsive on all road surfaces, even in the snow. Most teens love these cars as a first vehicle, even if not enamored with them at first blush.
•The Mercury Milan/Ford Fusion – Another shared model and frame, this sedan is also a plain choice for a no-frills car. Again, look for the stability control for added driving safety for a teen.
•The Scion xB – Built by Toyota for the economy car market, the Scion offers better than average workmanship on a car and provides a bit more body than a simple compact.

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