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Qualifying ends for Georgia primary races

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Qualifying ended today for the November 2014 elections, as candidates had until noon today to submit their names to be on the Democratic or Republican primary ballot on May 20.

Qualifying began on Monday at the State Capitol for state-elected positions and General Assembly positions, and in each county for local positions. The Secretary of State's website has been updating the registrations on its website, so that we can see who has registered for the upcoming races.

Of note, quite a few people became assured of election today, by being the only person to qualify for their office.

  • In the U.S. House, John Lewis (D-5th) and Austin Scott (R-8th) are the only candidates on the ballot for their races. The attempts by several congressman to move up to the Senate has created many more contested races than we might normally see, whether in a primary fight or in a cross-party contest.
  • Seven Republican candidates and four Democratic candidates qualified for the Senate race.
  • In the Georgia Senate, 27 of 56 races have just one candidate on the ballot (20 Republicans, 7 Democrats).
  • In the Georgia House, 41 Democrats and 66 Republicans are already assured of election, along with independent Rusty Kidd in the 145th district. Only 72 races will be contested of the 180 House seats - and of those, many will be settled in the primary, it seems.