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Qualcomm adding second new building

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Building from the ground up on Pacific Heights Boulevard, during 2014, keeps changing Qualcomm's business front. New glass covers a six story building up on the hill north of Mira Mesa Boulevard. Closeby, north, on the old employee parking lot, construction workers put up lines of outdoor walls, and a big two story frame.

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The second new building Qualcomm invested in at the company's eastern location will add to the major San Diego employer's employee count.

Open construction dirt on the north lot, on Thursday, July 31st, surrounded the walls and building frame. And, dirt covered the way through the new building complex on the ground. Qualcomm's company addition was still low, and rough, last week.

Business expansion progress will take more work.

The ground floor at the south glass building's north side has not yet been closed in. Work is regular under the five stories above the ground floor pillars.

The entire northwest corner stays fenced off during the construction months. A line of construction trailers fits behind the Pacific Heights Boulevard fence on the north construction lot.

On the south lot, next to front construction on the first new building, scaffolding covers an outside wall on an old Qualcomm office building. On tall pillars, new bridges between the new front building and the old building connect the workplaces. Workers will build the indoor employee travel lines.

Ways to travel between workspaces are going up at Qualcomm. The construction team is taking the time to guarantee adding stories of new office space does not block off employee work paths ont he enterprise campus.

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