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Quaint Little Nashville Café offers Contemplative Atmosphere

A feast for the soul as well as the body
A feast for the soul as well as the body
Alektor Cafe's Photo

Walking distance from Nashville's infamous "16th Avenue - Music Row" sits a quiet little house with a sign in the yard with a painted rooster and the words, Alektor Café - Door to Paradise Books.

This unassuming, quaint little café is a real find! It is frequented by writers, editors, musicians, artists,  business folk, and contemplatives from all walks of life who are seeking not only a good lunch, but a bit of a respite during an otherwise hectic work day as well.  From the freshly picked flowers on the tables to the gentle music in the background, the Alektor experience ushers its customers to a tranquil experience of refreshment for both body and soul.

Still unknown to much of Nashville, the Alektor Café is ideal as an informal out-of-the-way spot to meet with a friend, business associate, or perhaps your spiritual mentor. The Café is open Tue-Fri, 9am-4pm, making it an ideal place, not only for lunch, but also for a morning or afternoon tea or coffee break. 

The owners, Father Parthenious Turner, a Greek Orthodox Priest, and his wife Marion, work together cooking, preparing and serving each meal. The Alektor Café is a real family affair, and you may even be served by one of their grown children when they are in town.

Referring to the Alektor Café, Nashville's Tennessean newspaper once reported, "One of Nashville's best kept gastro-spiritual secrets is a little cafe/bookshop near Vanderbilt. It offers the ambiance of Eastern Orthodox Christianity - calming ancient Russian hymns, walls of wooden icons - with a menu of sandwiches, hummus plates and espresso." The Best Nashville Lunch Restaurants Top 10 rated the Alektor Café as #5 out of their Top 10!

Not only is the food excellent and freshly made each day, but the atmosphere is almost a spiritual experience in itself. Those who might like to experience a private prayer walk on an outdoor labyrinth  will find one a few feet away from the Café.  Just outside the front door, and to the left, is the Scarritt Bennett Center where a labyrinth is open to the public at no charge.

Seating is quite limited in this intimate little Café, but when the weather allows, there is the chance of finding an empty table on the front porch or one of the umbrella tables in the front yard.  

The sign out front is not actually the whole truth because, not only are the books a door to paradise, the entire Alektor Café experience is bit of paradise to many!

 Alektor Café and Books at 1807 Grand Ave, Nashville, TN 37203.   Phone: (615) 340-0098 .(The are often open to catering for the locals.)



  • lynn 5 years ago

    Been there...awesome!

  • Roberta Baxter Eugene, OR. Dogs Examiner 5 years ago

    If I ever come to Nashville, we will go to this spot. Sounds wonderful as you described.It came alive with an invitation.

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