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Quadruplicity conference delay a plus for Charlottesville women

Managing life is a balancing act
Managing life is a balancing act

The 3rd annual Quadruplicity conference previously planned for February 11 has been rescheduled for March 25. That’s the bad news. It's also the good news.

Delaying the conference until professional and family schedules are no longer disrupted by winter weather will allow Quadruplicity participants to fully concentrate on the conference's purpose - personal and professional development.

In a recent interview, Danielle Fitz, Charlottesville Chamber of Commerce Vice President, said “Quadruplicity means the balance of four. And the simple balance of four, and those four items are career, life, money and health.”

Rescheduling the conference until spring recognizes that in the wake of the latest snowpocalypse, work and school closings, it is important to focus on professional and family obligations.  Taking the conference out of the equation and moving it to spring restores some balance for Charlottesville women at a time when balance has been in short supply. 

Kudos to the Quadruplicity Committee and the Chamber Women’s Business Roundtable for walking their own talk.

Update your calendar for March 25 at the Omni Hotel and prepare for a day at the personal and professional development "spa".  According to Quadruplicity Committee Chair Ginger Germani, of Virginia National Bank, “There may be new challenges this year but there are also new opportunities to move forward. The agenda provides women with resources that can help them function in the current economy, share a sense of community and hopefully gain a new perspective."

For more information: Visit Quadruplicity to check out the conference agenda, engage the speakers before the conference, or connect with others on their blog.

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