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Quadruple homicide: Kyle Flack trial

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A quadruple homicide suspect, Kyle Flack, 28, is headed for trial for killing his best friend and three other persons including an 18-month-old girl. Flack was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome when he was in prison previously for attempted murder. According to an Inquisitr report on Wednesday, he is very judgmental of people and does not tolerate people he believes to be lazy.

A Franklin County judge ordered Flack to stand trial for the killings that occurred outside Ottawa, Kansas last spring. Erik Mitchell, a forensic pathologist, testified on Wednesday that shotgun blasts killed 30-year-old Andrew Stout, 31-year old Steven White, 21-year-old Kaylie Bailey of Olathe, and Lana Bailey - the 18-month-old daughter of Kaylie Bailey.

Regarding the 18-month old girl’s death, she was found shot in the back, wrapped in a blanket, placed in a suitcase, and thrown in a creek in a nearby county. Allegedly, the baby’s death occurred as she laid beside her mother, Kaylie Bailey, in bed. The mother was shot in the back of the neck.

Though Flack was accused of attempting to rape Bailey, Judge Thomas Sachse threw that charge out due to lack of evidence. Bailey, who was shot in the head, was found to have been shot with the same shotgun as was used in the other deaths involved in the quadruple homicide. Bailey was found with her shorts and underwear removed, gagged with a red bandana stuffed in her mouth, and tied up with zip ties.

Flack’s next court appearance is on April 22.



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