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Quadruple homicide case: Baby's body was stuffed in a suitcase, evidence reveals

News of a quadruple homicide carried out by 28-year-old Kyle Flack shook residents in Ottawa, Kan., last spring and now a judge on Wednesday said that Flack will stand trial for the brutal murders of four people, including an 18-month-old girl. As reported by The Associated Press Wednesday, Flack was charged with capital murder, first-degree murder and illegal possession of a firearm.

Last year's quadruple homicide unnerved most who heard the story and the chilling details surrounding the horrific crime were gruesome.

Flack was described as being quiet, lived in his own mind and struggled socially his whole life, according to relatives.

When family members heard that Flack was the prime suspect in the quadruple homicide case, they couldn't believe he could commit such a heinous crime, which included the murder of his lifelong friend, Andrew Stout.

The four victims in the quadruple homicide were identified as Andrew Stout, 30, Steven White, 31, Kaylie Bailey, 21, of Olathe and Bailey’s 18-month-old daughter, Lana Bailey. The bodies of all of the victims, except the toddler, were found at Stout’s rural home on May 6, 2013. Lana Bailey’s body was later discovered floating in a creek in a suitcase. Forensic pathologists concluded that all were killed from shotgun blasts.

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The detective who interviewed the accused quadruple murderer presented compelling testimony Tuesday that claimed Flack confessed to killing his ex-roommate Steven White because of an argument over rent.

Although authorities have released few details relating to the quadruple homicide case, police say Flack told people he didn’t like White because he thought he wasn’t a “stand-up man.”

A recent report from gave some unsettling details of the quadruple homicide and the following text is an excerpt from the post:

Lana Bailey died from a shotgun blast to her back. Her mother died from a shot to the back of her neck.

Kaylie Bailey’s body was found nude from the waist down with her hands bound behind her back. A red bandanna found around her neck had been used to gag her but was displaced by the lethal shot, Hunting argued.

“She was bound, gagged and executed there in the bedroom,” Franklin County Attorney Stephen Hunting told the judge in outlining the evidence.

The Kansas attorney general’s office recently revealed that they are now handling the case and they also announced that prosecutors will most likely seek the death penalty.

Flack is schedule to be arraigned on April 22. Be sure to return to this column to receive updates on the quadruple homicide case as they are made available.

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