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Qrafter Pro - A Complete App Solution for QR Codes

Qrafter screen shot
Qrafter screen shotna

There is no doubt that the QR code system introduced a small revolution in the field of mobile devices. This simple and easy way of implanting links in the everyday surroundings in a similar manner like a bar code and then reading those with a mobile phone or a tablet enabled a completely new feature when it comes to electronic communication.

Qrafter Pro is a QR reader application, specially designed for these types of tags. This app was designed for both the iPhone and the iPad platform, and brings many valuable options and features. The app includes the simple pointing of the camera on the device towards the QR code, where it in no time takes the information. The scanner in the app processes the information, where it can be saved to the History section and the user gets a short summary of the embedded information as well as the included links.

Qrafter Pro also checks the URL links and checks them for safety, guarding the user from viruses and other malicious websites. Then, the user can choose which browser to use to get access to the information, or even included it in an email and share it with somebody.

The app makes it equally easy to generate new QR codes, which can include locations, events, text message, tweets and many more types of online information. Through a preview option the user can check the end result, and then simply create the code. With this, the user’s content becomes available in many other formats, which the added option of customizing the colors of the QR code. All these QR generator options are performed with simple taps on the menu, which makes the controls really easy to master.

The generated QR codes can be saved in the photo archive of the device, or shared as a PNG or SVG type of image files via email or social networks. Qrafter Pro also features a unique internal browser which can download iCalendar or vCard type of files, which makes it one of a kind on the app market. With it, users can remember the names or anniversaries they don’t want to miss, which adds another level to the apps usability.

Qrafter Pro is the evolution of the Qrafter app. Both apps do a great job in their own right,When these apps are compared with the other similar application, it is clear that their competitors simply don’t feature the same level of all around functionality. Having these apps means that a user has everything needed for the QR domain, from reading to creating their own. But not only that, the same apps add even more advanced options with iCalendar and vCard files, which makes them ideal tools for these jobs.