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QNET Offers Everyday Usefulness with Urban Product Line

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QNET delivers everyday usefulness to its consumers, in the form of air and water filters.

Direct selling company QNET is passionate about providing quality products. One of its missions it to provide products that actually improve people’s lives—making everyday living easier, healthier, or simply more comfortable. As such, QNET is pleased to provide a range of urban lifestyle products—among them air filtration systems and water purifiers.

The Importance of Good Water

For those who live in urban areas, the importance of such products is difficult to overstate. Take the example of water. Everyone knows that water is essential to survival; not only does the Earth depend on it, but so do human beings. Access to clean water is simply critical—yet in some areas, clean and contaminant-free water is difficult to come by.

This is why there is such an immense need for water filtration. Water on the surface of the earth is far more prone to containing contaminants, something that is largely due to heavy industrial development and environmental pollution. People who are long exposed to these pollutants can become sick or even prone to cancer and other lifelong health conditions.

Water Pollutants in Urban Areas

Urban areas are especially likely to have such pollutants in the water. There are three specific categories into which these pollutants fall:

- Toxic metals, or inorganic contaminants, have been linked to such health problems as cancer and learning disabilities. Examples include lead, copper, and mercury.
- Microbiological chemicals, or organic contaminants, can come in such forms as parasites, viruses, bacteria, and spores. E. Coli is just one well-known example.
- Petrochemicals, such as pesticides and herbicides, have been linked to a number of long-term health effects—including, again, cancer.

QNET Delivers HomePure Water Filtration

Given the seriousness of these risks, it is simply critical for urban dwellers to invest in a good water filtration system—and this company offers one: The HomePure Water Filtration System. HomePure offers several distinct benefits:

- It provides clean, safe, pollutant-free drinking water.
- Good, healthy minerals pass through, while harmful pollutants are removed.
- It leads to water that tastes good and comes without any offensive odor.
- It offers an easy-to-use, user-friendly design.
- Installing, and replacing the water filtration cartridge, is a breeze.
- No electricity is required.

HomePure is one example of how QNET works to provide urban lifestyle products for everyday use—but it is not the only example.

QNET Promote Clean Air Through AirPure

QNET is also happy to offer products designed to facilitate clean, filtered air. Again, for urban residents, this is critical for healthy living. AirPure is designed to help people breathe healthily—something that may otherwise prove hard to do, especially for those living in large cities.

The Need for Air Filtration

The level of air pollution present in cities—and in homes—has reached a staggering level. Day by day, air pollution leads to newer, stronger, and more dangerous illnesses. Unclean air can lead to respiratory problems, to infections, to bronchitis, and even to pneumonia. Nausea, allergies, and chronic headaches are also potential symptoms.

Perhaps the most alarming indication of air pollution’s prevalence is the rise in respiratory problems among children. On average, one in 10 school-age kids suffers from asthma. In total, this leads to 10.5 million missed school days each year, all because of pollution in the air.

AirPure is the Solution

Simply put, for urban dwellers: Your home might be killing you. Thankfully, there are steps that can be taken to filter air and cleanse it of its pollutants. AirPure is one of the best such products on the market.

As with HomePure, there are several important benefits to mention:

- Airpure is efficient, delivering air that is 99.9 percent pure—and doing so through a simple, two-step purification process.
- AirPure has a nano-membrane that is partially biodegradable, which makes it more environmentally friendly than many comparable devices.
- The product is also noteworthy for not using UV light, which can itself have a negative effect on one’s health. It does not omit ozone, either, meaning it only helps with the air pollution problem, without making it worse!
- AirPure, states QNET, removes any particles that are bigger than 0.1 micron—which includes airborne bacteria, mold spores, human and pet hair, coal dust, grain dust, tobacco smoke, tea dust, and beyond.

Products for Urban Living

Living in a metropolitan area comes with many advantages. There are some dangers, too, and it is important to know what those dangers are. Pollution is the big one, and it’s present in both water and air—making it important to protect oneself and one’s family.

Thankfully, doing so is easier now than ever before. Urban life products can go a long way toward keeping households safe and clean. QNET is proud to deliver these products to city-dwelling consumers.


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