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Last month I had the opportunity to interview some great indie artist all around the United States. One of these artist was Amore Jones. Amore was raised in Northern Virginia, where he cultivated his singing and musical theatre career. His earliest musical influences were his education in classical music and enthusiasm for Motown and classic R&B. In 2012, Amore moved to Atlanta, GA, where he attended acting school and graduated from the Atlanta Institute of Music with a certification in Audio Engineering.

Amore Jones
Amore Jones

How did it all start?

A: It all started recording on Audacity through my built-in laptop microphone (Laughing out loud). The first song I've ever written and recorded was Sexy Love, and it was to Jamie Foxx's "Weekend Lover" track from his Intuition Album. The quality now probably sounds terrible (Laughing out loud) but back then, with the feeling it gave me and the few girls from my High School that would sing the song word for word, you couldn't tell me anything That's when I knew for sure music was it for me.

What are your Passions?

A: My passions are anything dealing with music, acting, and psychology. I love music for a lot of reasons that I know and don't know of, but mostly because of the effect it can have on someone the minute their favorite song comes on. It's almost like a temporary escape for people, going back to memories of when and where they first heard that record and reliving it like it just happened yesterday, or better yet it's happening now. Same goes with Acting, when you see a great actor perform it doesn't feel like you're watching them act. It feels like you are right there with the character they're playing. The effect that both music and theatre have on your psyche is an incredible wonder for me and I'll spend my entire life exploring the possibilities of how I can make people feel.

Any advice to musicians or artists?

Be yourself with no limits. Not just ANYTHING, but be EVERYTHING you can be and find out what you love the most about you and run with it! There's like 14 billion people on this planet, you're bound to find a chunk of people that will fully support whatever you choose to do. Artists stress on trying to find something the world has never seen. Well, they've never seen you before so go with that.

Favorite things about music?

A: Like I said before, the effect that music has on people's lives is my favorite thing about it. That, and the variety of styles and sounds you can mesh together to create worlds for the mind to wander in freely.

When you are not making music what are you doing for fun?

A: When I'm not making music I am vocal producing, or writing for others. I'm a singer/songwriter, engineer, and a Vocal Coach. So when I'm not working on my own arts and crafts, I'm helping others with theirs.

Who are your influences?

A: My early influences come from classical music, Motown, and the group Journey. I'm a classically trained singer starting from an early age so I would listen to mostly classical compositions that we'd need to learn for Concerts. I ran across my favorite composer Eric Whitacre while just listening to some classical music one day and I fell in love with his vocal arrangements. My mom and dad would listen to a lot of Temptations, Marvin Gaye, and other Motown music. Also a good amount of 90s R&B, so I heard that day in and day out. Journey was the only rock band my dad ever listened to, and their songs "Don't Stop Believin'", "Faithfully", "Anyway You Want It", and "Open Arms" really stuck with me. As I grew older I noticed the small waves of music that came and went, but the sounds from 90s R&B, Classical, and Journey, and everything related to them really stuck with me. Which is probably the reason why I strive to make timeless music.

If you had the opportunity to start over, what would you do differently and why?

A: If I could start over I wouldn't. I'm learning things about myself at the perfect times. I think if I knew back then what I know now than I wouldn't be here talking to you (Laughing out loud), or have a chance to touch someone through this interview. Things happen for a reason and the stories I have to tell, I've lived and worked for. But If I had to go back and change something, then I might've written all of Drake's albums, because who wouldn't want his sound first (Laughing out loud)?

Tell me about your new projects and which direction you are heading.

A: My new projects are more of visual ones as well as staying consistent with my music. I'm a fan of the human being thing, and what I mean is; People have different emotions, or sides to them, so why would I only make one type of music for one side of a person? Major label artists are one-genre artists; they only make one sound of music. Humans are very eclectic, so my art will be too. So I'm working on whatever my heart feels, and definitely more visuals.

What are some of your greatest challenges in your business?

A: Hmm, the biggest challenge is getting the exposure needed to reach millions. For some reason my brain wants to still believe that the better I get, the more fans I'll get. In this business, it's almost the opposite; the music is the least of the work. I don't want to sacrifice my music worrying about the right placements and business moves, but I also don't want to make music that isn't heard. So the biggest challenge is keeping the balance between music and business.

When have you been most satisfied in your life?

A: I was really most satisfied when I was able to walk into a room and be respected as a writer. I've always said I won't be satisfied until I walk into a room with the greatest writers of all time and still be lethal with my penmanship. To have my name in any acclaimed great's "Top Greatest Writers/Artists of a All Time" list is one of my biggest dreams.

Tell me about a project or accomplishment that you consider being the most significant in your career.

A: My Debut EP "Qlarity" was probably my most polished work. That project has open many doors for me thus far.

What's your superpower, or what's your spirit animal?

A: (Laughing out loud) I'd say my super power would be that I am a Super Saiyan going on Super Saiyan 2. I'm the best I've ever been (which I feel is better than most) but I'm getting better every day so there's more to go. Once My accolades reach Rock and Roll Hall of Fame level, and then I'll be a Super Saiyan God (Laughing out loud)

My spirit animal is a Blue-Eyed Brown Lion, different from the rest but a king in the same right.

What does your latest E.P mean to you? In what state were you in when you were putting it together?

A: "Qlarity" means a snapshot of what my mind thinks and how it thinks. People say that I think a lot, but because I am used to it, it doesn't feel that way, you know? So what I wanted to do with Qlarity was test a method of making simply complex music. The way I wrote the songs were to have easy understanding concepts for every song, but a deeper meaning behind the lyrics of each song as well. So to those who don't like to think much when they're listening to music, it's a hot record. For those who like to think deeper, it's a whole different project.

When it comes to connecting with your fans, is there a platform that you prefer?

A: Right now, there's Instagram and Twitter. As far as social media goes I go with the current. I'm always on IG and I get Twitter notifications when people hit me up, so those two are probably best.

Do you play an instrument and if so, which is your favorite song to play on it.

A: I play the keys, and my favorite ones to play are most ballads and whatever I come up with. I play by ear so I usually play whatever feels good to me at the moment.

Is your family musical?

A: My family loves music, but no one has pursued a musical career. I am excited because my little brother is actually singing and following my footsteps. So I'm always getting better and paving a way for him, that's something that I'm proud of.

Did old records & tapes influence you? If so, which ones?

A: Certain artists influenced me, not so much albums or songs, except for Journey's songs. The only projects I can listen to and want to have a similar effect on the world as much as or more than, is Drake's "So Far Gone" up to "NWTS". Those projects will forever be great.

Do you teach music?

A: Yes; I teach vocals.

How do you handle mistakes during a performance?

A: Part of being a human is not being perfect. Whenever something happens that I don't expect during a performance, I treat it like I treat anything else, deal with it and move on quickly. I like my performances to be a personal and comfortable experience with the audience, so if something goes wrong, the crowd already knows me so they'll forgive and forget it as quickly as I do.

In your own words, how would you describe "Music From The Heart"?

A: "Music From The Heart" is music that touches you before it goes out to the world. Something that you can listen to and, with no one else's input, you love it. Every time I make a record, I ask myself this one question, "If no one else likes it, will I still rock with it?" If the answer is yes than I know it's a hit to at least me. My music is somewhat universal anyways, so most of the time if I love it, then someone else will too.

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