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QCSL Confederations Cup Tournament - Round Robin Results Week 1

QCSL Confederations Cup
QCSL Confederations Cup

Tuesday November 24th, 2009 - The QCSL Confederations Cup is under way after playing their first set of round robin games. Split into four groups Europe I, Europe II, Africa and America the Confederations Cup will run until February 13th, 2010. The top two teams of every group will advance to the quarterfinals.

Group A - Europe I
Switzerland got off to a great start by easily defeating Italy 5 - 1. A pair of goals by Anas Amanallah helped get Switzerland a very important three points in the first game of Group A. Italy's Massimo Di Ioia responded with the only tally for Italy who find themselves in a hole early in this competition. The second match in Group A was Portugal versus a tough Bosnian side. On this day Bosnia was no match for Portuguese striker Mike Sevo who scored his first hat trick of the season. Steven Craig added another two goals for Portugal who defeated Bosnia 5 - 2. Portugal will face Switzerland on December 20th and the winner of that game will surely clinch a qualification spot to the quarterfinals.

Group B - Europe II
In a very tough Group B France was able to secure three points by defeating San Marino 4 to 2. Claudiu Cenan recorded a hat trick and Alex Ospina finished off the game with three assists in what ended up being a one-two punch that San Marino could not contain. The second game in Group B was definitely the match of the week. Sweden defeated Greece in a great game that ended with a shootout. Jimmy Zervogiannis's three goals for Greece were not enough to lock down the three points. A pair of goals by Julio Correa and some great saves by Gerry Argento helped Sweden defeat group favorites Greece. Sweden and France are next on the schedule in a battle for first place.

Group C - Africa
Congo took a big step towards qualifying for the quarterfinals by annihilating Algeria by a score line of 9 to 1. Abou Diallo scored four goals for Congo who currently sits in first place with a huge advantage in goal differential. The second match saw Mali defeat Morocco in an 11-goal thriller. Francois Eid's three goals helped Mali win 6 -5 and take all three points versus a very strong Moroccan side. Congo and Mali will face each other on December 19th as they try to secure a place to the next round.

Group D - America
The teams in Group D feel like they have the toughest group in the Confederations Cup as they are five teams competing for the two qualification spots that will send them to the quarterfinals. Berlin Jean-Gilles' four goals helped Haiti take the first three points in this group by overcoming a very strong Chilean side 6 to 5. Group favorites Canada were able to get the three points in a tight game against Trinidad & Tobago. Canada was forced to play a portion of the match with a man less after Abraham Francois received a red card, but Karl Stephens great performance and two goals were enough to see Canada grab a much needed three points. In the third game of the group Chile easily defeated Mexico by 5 to 1 setting up an interesting three-way tie in the America Group.

The next round of Confederations Cup round robin matches will be played on the weekend of December 19th and 20th.

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