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Qatar has world's fastest growing economy and highest gross income per capita

Sahit Muja

Sahit Muja: Qatar has fastest growing economy and highest gross income per capita in the world

In 2011 Qatar achieved a 21% economic growth rate, and growth in 2010

Qatar's gross domestic product is expected to jump to $160 billion this year.

Qatari economy has pursued a path of development. In fact, Qatar’s real GDP jumped by around 16.6% .

Qatars average GDP yearly growth reached 76% from 2005-2011.

Qatar has supported all the uprisings of the Arab Spring: Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen and Syria. Qatar has supports the rebels with arms and money.

The Emir of Qatar has backed sending Arab troops to Syria to "stop the killing" that has claimed more than 5500 lives during a 10-month revolt.

Sheik Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani's interview is the first public call by an Arab leader for Arab troops to deploy to Syria, where President Bashar al-Assad's regime has maintained a brutal crackdown.

Asked whether he favoured Arab nations intervening in Syria, the emir said: "For such a situation to stop the killing . . . some troops should go to stop the killing."

A huge increase in oil and natural gas prices has boost Qatar’s export earnings to a record high in 2011.

If the prices of oil and natural gas increase more Qatar’s earnings from oil and Ngl to hit about $100 billion dollars in 2012.

Qatar's total export earnings have been projected to exceed $100 bn this year on the back of huge liquefied natural gas and oil shipments.

Qatar’s oil output and NGL output has increased 8 percent in 2011.

Qatar’s latest state budget for fiscal 2011-2012 was based on a conservative oil price of around $55 a barrel.

Qatar will have a huge surplus in 2012.

Do to The high income Qatar’s government is spending to diversify its economy by expanding the scope of its exports to include petrochemicals, steel, aluminum and fertilizers

Qatar is heavily investing in infrastructure and steel demands are estimated to increase .

Albanian Minerals is working to Joint Venture with steel companies in Qatar to produce a ferrochrome from chrome ore used in steel industry .

Sahit Muja

President and CEO

Albanian Minerals


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