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Q and A: Santa Fe Mayor David Coss

Mayor David Coss
Mayor David Coss

1. I am a proud 1999 graduate of the College of Santa Fe. How will the new incarnation of the school differ from its' previous existence?

CSF will be more focused as a liberal arts college with emphasis on the arts, better recruiting of local and international students, and there will be better business management.

2. What are some specific jobs that have been created in Santa Fe as a result of Federal stimulus money?

Best example is green collar jobs in home energy efficiency.

3. Do you believe that there are racial and/or class issues hidden in the annexation debate?

Probably, but I approach this as a straight-forward, good government and economic development issue.

4. How would you respond to charges of financial incompetence in your administration, for example, the accusation that 1 million dollars were squandered on the NW Quadrant Master Plan?

The NW Quadrant plan is a great plan.

5. What programs and services were eliminated in 13 million dollars of budget cuts for the city?

None were eliminated. Many were reduced.

6. Dylan Rose-Coss, your son, mentions in a YouTube video that you are the kind of guy who "will not go into Wal-Mart on principle." What is your response to that comment, and how do you think the Santa Feans who work at Wal-Mart would feel about that comment?

I will not shop at Wal-Mart. I encourage all Wal-Mart employees to form a union.

7. Your administration has shown to be very youth-oriented. Are there new ideas in the pipeline to continue addressing the alarming dropout rate in Santa Fe?

Yes, youth training and jobs are integral to my blueprint to create 4,000 jobs in four years.

8. After your service as mayor is done, do you see statewide office and beyond in your political future?

Never say never.


  • Jaime Jaramillo 5 years ago

    It is idiotic for Mayor Coss to not shop at Walmart because it is not unionized. Does he not shop at other non-union retail establishments? Does he go out to eat in Santa Fe? To the farmer's markets? Walmart creates jobs, whether union or not. Is it better to not have (non union) jobs and have more unemployed people or have many that are employed, not against their will? This is also an elitist attitude on his part. Perhaps he does not want to shop where many of us have to go because we cannot afford to shop at union establishments in Santa Fe, wherever they are.

  • Patrick 5 years ago

    Good hard hitting questions, Weinberg doesn't screw around. Good for jaramillo w/ re to his union stance, labor needs strength and politicians that support labor are vital to its revitalization.

  • Lupe Navarone 5 years ago

    He may not shop at Wal-mart, but I'll bet his wife does. They have the lowest prices on toiletries, snacks, electronics, etc. They also have low prescription costs.

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