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Q and A: City Council District 1 Candidate Doug Nava

Doug Nava
Doug Nava


Doug Nava is a 34 year old native Santa Fean. Nava Elementary School is named after a family member who died in the Vietnam War. Doug is a tax examiner for the state and  has proudly served on the Santa Fe Fiesta Royal Court. He was recently elected as a board member of the Human Rights Alliance. The following is a Q and A conducted with Doug via email:

1. What exactly is the problem with businesses not being current with their gross receipts?

When I speak of businesses not being current on there gross receipts, I see this on a daily basis, many people fall behind and or do not properly report there gross receipts to the State of New Mexico, local communities such as Santa Fe, receive 40% of taxes collected by the state for there budgets. I do see a lot of poorly managed people who unorganized and I really do not like saying this, but careless in the ways they report or don’t report there business income. When I mention of a task force it is to help the business owners of our city, people need to realize how important it is when they are conducting business here in Santa Fe, for the taxes that are collected help such programs such as public safety, and in the end not only does it benefit the City of Santa Fe but the State of New Mexico as well.

2.What are some of your ideas about promoting Santa Fe as a premier tourist destination?

 Every year the City of Santa Fe has been named some of the top tourism destination points. People do travel from places near and far to be able to experience the great cultures, traditions, and spiritual paths. We all know that when one wants to get people to visit in any form is through an invitation, As an elected official and representative of our city, I would take the time to send out an open invitation to as people as possible to come and experience Santa Fe, also I would take the time to go out to places such as our plaza and take the time to visit and meet the many wonderful people who are visiting and let them know how much I appreciate them coming to visit my home town, I am sure that we can come up with many more possibilities to make our tourism industry thrive.

3. Your position is that we are not ready for the south-side annexation. You also state the need to complete projects from start to finish. What should we be doing specifically about the annexation project?

When it comes to the Southside annexation project my reasons for not being supportive to this is simply for one, it will cost the city millions to prepare for such a large project do that public safety and public works is up to code. We must first think of the thousands of people who will be affected by this, due to the economics woes that we have faced have made this project to me a ‘consideration at hand”. When city council voted on this I do not think that economic woes where even considered, I am sure that county and the city can work together on this, and in the long run if the annexation needs to be moved forward than lets do it in a fashion so that all around nobody is harmed so that all necessary tools will be at hand for the safety of all. When I talk about all projects being done from start to finish its that whether it’s a construction job, annexation or what ever the city has placed before the public, that we finish what we started for we may be able to learn from the project at hand, and when we start the next one we may have learned a valuable lesson from it. To me its better to know we gave are all to one thing at time than to be dividing it up amongst 5 or more.


4. Do you believe there are underlying racial and/or class issues regarding annexation?


I would hope not…I don’t even want to even begin thinking about that!!

5. Please explain your statement about your campaign being "distracted when multicultural differences started to take its' toll."

The comment about “distracted when multicultural differences started to take it toll.” During my door to door campaign I have come across some people who had such prejudices for others from race to cultural differences. It truly amazed me how some people still think that way, you would think that from all we have seen and heard that people would not think like that anymore. It has made me a lot stronger and a lot more vocal, how do we ever expect to make a difference for the better of all, if we don’t stop all this foolish finger pointing and name calling. I for one will not tolerate this at any level and as a representative of Santa Fe I will make sure that my decisions will benefit all. I am ready to build bridges and not fences.



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